Network Construction

Wide Variety of Broadband Delivery Services

Our high performance, ultra-fast multi-service network designs have competition and choice baked in!

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Network Construction

We design and build modern broadband networks on time and within budget. Our use of new and innovative construction materials and techniques keeps costs low. Our engineering and construction partners specialize in fiber and wireless network build outs, and we provide the project oversight and quality assurance needed to get your community world class broadband infrastructure. We pick best of class network equipment from manufacturers we know and trust to provide network gear that is reliable, easy to operate, and that has low maintenance costs.
Network Construction
Network Construction

Our network construction and build out services include:

  • Detailed cost estimates for equipment and construction
  • Network engineering and route surveying
  • Fiber and wireless network designs
  • Procurement of fiber and wireless construction contractors
  • Project management of construction
  • Project budget management
  • Quality assurance and construction inspection
  • Equipment selection and vendor management
  • Network equipment installation, configuration, and testing
  • Service provider attraction and business agreement negotiations for services
  • Development of network operations policies and procedures

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Network Planning and Design

We use time-tested business planning techniques and apply it to broadband.

Network Operations

We have the knowledge, the business agreements, and negotiating skills to bring a wide array of service providers and services to your community